• We encourage, equip and empower women to develop as leaders and pursue their ambitions.

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  • How we do things.

    We host monthly events for the entire Network, that allow everyone to come together to learn, develop your leadership skills and make high-value connections.


    We have local peer groups (our circles) that also meet on a regular basis to share experiences, learn and grow together and find solutions to problems that members face as they pursue their personal and professional development.



    Who are we?

    The Lean In Vienna Network was established in 2014 and today we bring together women from many different cultural and professional backgrounds, living and working in Vienna, Austria.
    We over 400 members in Vienna - coming from different professional and international backgrounds. This includes NGOs, industry, medicine, research, entrepreneurs, artists and technology!

    The Lean In Vienna Network is part of the global Lean In community.

    Who do we aim for?

    We want each member to :

    • Be continually inspired, encouraged and emboldened
    • Build a high-worth network 
    • Communicate and negotiate effectively
    • Step  up / grow in their  leadership
  • For our Partners

    Here is how we work with our partners


    The power of cirlces

    We support the formation and running of circles within your organisation, taking advantage of our network.


    We equip you with tools

    We don't just encourage women to step into leadership - we provide ongoing support and practical tools for development.


    Healthy progress

    We provide you with a framework that allows you to zero-in on the points driving the empowerment of women in your organisation

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